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No Strings Attached Costume Rental

About Us

No Strings Attached Costumes was formed in 2003 by Tonya Nelson and Cyndi Sandoval whose vision was dedicated in providing not just costumes, but service to the Santa Clarita Valley.  Tonya has nearly 30 years in experience as a designer and artisan for Film, TV, and Theatre.  Cyndi has nearly 15 years of business experience.  Between the two of us, we are dedicated in helping you or your production crew with quality costumes, at affordable prices.

Our talents can pull an entire show for a cast of many or a single hard-to-find specialty outfit. We also specialize in Children’s costumes and productions too.  We are there to meet your needs! When you rent our costumes, we stand behind them with pride, advice and confidence.

We are by appointment only for your benefit to guarantee the maximum service to you.  Whether you are a small theater group or a large production company, we can offer a variety of special services to meet your unique needs.

Beautiful costumes, helpful and talented designers, specialized handling, guaranteed delivery, and PRIDE in everything we do! We want you to look good because you make us look good.